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I'm a simple kind of girl, but a true girly girl. I like pink....no I change that, I LOVE pink, and shoes, LOTS of shoes. I've been blessed to have this life and I plan on embarking on all the journeys that come with each day.

Friday, January 20, 2012

DMV Weekend Forecast

Winter has finally touched down, here in the DC metro area. I've finally been able to pull out all the big winter coats, as well as, the Hunter rain boots and Uggs! Even though I long for the days of Spring, where little by little the layers can diminish, I definitely embrace all the fun and cozy outfits that I will be able to compile for the season.

Casual Friday Happy Hour
Casual Friday Happy Hour After Work w/ The Girls

Rainy Days
Rainy Saturdays Out and About

Lazy Sundays
Lazy Sunday/Errand Running

Have an amazing weekend ladies. I hope it will be as relaxing as mine, sans the heavy meds and swollen gums.  Stay warm, dry, and comfy!  Until next time!

Sick Days

Good Morning Lovelies! Guess what?! It's FRIDAY!!! We've made it to yet another weekend (amen to that). I have not been at my finest hour these last couple of days. I was fortunate enough to have ALL 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. Its been such an amazing time popping pills, icing my face, and depriving myself of all delicious food so that I can settle for mush....just simply amazing. So that you can see my fabulousness, in all its glory, here's a little proof...

the good things is.... I'm getting to eat lots and LOTS of this!!!

Since I won't be drinking this weekend, due to all the meds, and not wanting to end up looking like this guy

You guys drink enough for me too!.......... Cheers to the freakin' weekend!

Until next time!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Lazy Weekends...

Hi there ladies! I hope that your first week of the new year was peaceful and kind. Mine has been BEYOND busy. Work has been crazy, with me working in accounting, the end of the year/beginning of the year is our busiest time. But I digress.....I hope everyone's weekend has been fabulous! Mine has been beyond relaxing, and you know what, I LOVED IT! Sometimes our weekends end up busier than our weekdays, but this weekend I was lucky enough to have absolutely no plans. I started off my saturday looking like a little boy, but eventually ended up looking more decent lol. I slept in, got a pedi, and continued my lazy-ism throughout.(insert sigh of bliss here).
This evening I decided to be productive, for just a couple of hours (long enough to wash my hair and do a little grocery shopping). BUT, here I am again doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. lol lovely! So as I sit here sipping wine, blogging, and catching up on all of my guilty pleasures (RHOA, KKTNY, football play offs) I cannot help but dread tomorrow morning. Whoever invented the 5 day work-week/2 day weekend should dive off a cliff. I'm thinking a staycation is in my near future. How did you ladies spend the weekend?

I'm wishing you all a quick, yet productive week.

Until next time!