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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Reflection: Good-bye 25

So here I am in my last week of 25, and holy moly, where has the time gone.  Twenty-Five was an interesting year, but one that I am glad to see go.  Sooo many life lessons,  heartbreaks, disappointments, confusion, depression, and last but not least exhaustion.  This whole year has been a complete world-wind and where it started is a completely different lifetime of where it ended.  All in all,  it was an eye opener.  As we grow up we have hopes and dreams, and sometimes, we even place time frames on those hopes and dreams.  We then find ourselves terribly disappointed, when that time comes and we are not in that ideal place that we "prophesied" we'd be. That has been my life for the past week.  Realizing that 25 has come, and is about to go, and I am NO WHERE NEAR where I thought I'd be in life.  I sit here in my high school room, at my mother's house, where I now live and I say to myself....SO FREAKING WHAT!!!
I'm about to be a 26 year old, with no kids, no husband, little debt, who may live at home with her mother, but only by choice (and trust me, my bank account thanks me).  Life is just beginning!  "Have fun, that's what your twenties are for," -Thank you Carrie Bradshaw, and that's what I intend to do.  I feel I've spent so much time thinking about the things that aren't going on in my life, that I'm forgetting to take life by the balls and just enjoy the ride (this in the most unperv-like context).  I'm thankful, and so truly blessed.  And how dare I question what God has laid out for me.  I'm only insulting his intelligence by thinking that certain things should be happening when I say they should be.  He knows what's best for me, and He's put me on this journey because He sees the end results, and I only see right here and now.

So loves, the moral of this story is, regardless of your situation, be blessed.  God has got your back and he's in complete control.  So you just need to sit back, have fun, enjoy, and be excited for the place that you are in.  Because this is only the starting point for the journey that lies ahead.  Let's not insult God and his plan for our lives, but let us rejoice in knowing that all things will happen in His time.

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  1. "Tell God your plans, and he'll laugh at you". Your time for each of your dreams will come and you'll smack yourself on the head for ever rushing them. Enjoy everything you have & sleep... get lots of sleep!

  2. Thank you my love. Amazing advice. Miss you much!

  3. People can say whatever they want, but living @ home as an adult was one of the most worthwhile experiences of my life. It really enabled me to get to know my mom in a different way, while taking the time to get some things in my life together. It was truly a blessing. Having said that, I hope that you & Ms. Vanessa enjoyed the opportunity & cultivate your besti-ship.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-R5X4X1kPw <<< you're gonna be ready boo! *HUGS*