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I'm a simple kind of girl, but a true girly girl. I like pink....no I change that, I LOVE pink, and shoes, LOTS of shoes. I've been blessed to have this life and I plan on embarking on all the journeys that come with each day.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hello loves!  Hope you all had an amazing weekend.  So here I am, back, and a year older.  It actually feels pretty good.  I'm having a slight case of the Mondays and needing coffee more than ever this morning, but I digress.  I wanted to share a quick snap shot of my OOTN Saturday (outfit of the night).  It's not the best snap shot, but I did attempt to put on my freakum' dress for my last 25yr old hurrah!

How did I do?!

Sorry the quality is so bad, stupid lighting and iphone!

And a quick peak of my FOTN (face of the night) for my Friday birthday dinner.  I was so in love with this vivacious "Girl About Town" pink lip from MAC.

Until next time!